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    Asharq for Trade & Agencies Company (ATA) represents (as a sole agent) the well-known brands in the field of infant feeding, which is the Regilait (FRANCH LAIT) brand. Regilait is the world leader company in the manufacturing of granulated milk powder for vending machine connoisseurs and offers a full range of additives in addition to high quality milk products. These products have been developed in a specialized laboratory with 50 years of experience working in collaboration with leading French Pediatric units whom are pioneers in Pediatric majority. Sill Dairy International is a subsidiary of the Sill Enterprises group of companies, which was founded in Brittany, France in 1962. The group owns 8 manufacturing facilities, including the Sill Dairy International facility that specializes in the production of infant formula. 94 million euros have been invested in the manufacturing site, and it has a production capacity of 18,000 tons per year. The factory started production in 2021, and uses high MES (Manufacturing Execution System) Technology to be one of the most advanced infant formula production facility in the world.

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