Medical Devision

Medical Devision

ATA are proud representing some of the world’s reputed pharmaceutical companies such as:
-  GRIFOLS    
-  STEMA    
-  Riyadh Pharma    
-  Abbott    
-  Ferrer    
-  France Lait 

-  Systagenix
-  Tipsan
-  Systagenix
-  Symmetry

-  LEO
-  Pharmaton Kiddi
-  Boehringer Inglheim
-  Astrazeneca 
- Regilait
- johnson & johnson
- Jeomed 



ATA possesses its own Pharmaceutical outlets in addition, ATA distributes their products all over Yemen (all kinds of medical drugs and associated equipment, disposables, surgical equipment and tools, machinery). ATA has a highly qualified sales task force comprising over 36 personnel (which consist of doctors and pharmacists representing each pharmaceutical company) constantly scour the market for new clients and new opportunities in all regions of Yemen.

ATA has maintained good relationship with the following hospitals and Pharmacies such as:

- Al-Thawra Hospital
- Al-Kuwait Hospital
- Military Hospital (MOD)
- Aden Refinery Company
- Yemen German Hospital
- University of Science and Technology Hospital



Efficiency & experience


Being established as a leader in the medical
 field, ATA is now concentrating on enhancing its other sectors.