Commercial Division

Commercial Division

ATA is also engaged in some of the biggest Government Tenders as well as the Private Sectors. Owing to its image in the market as a prominent Pharmaceutical distributor and a recognized Oil services company, ATA has also been active in supplying to the Government Health Sector, medical drugs and medical equipments.

ATA is also one of the biggest providers of components and accessories to the Government owned Electrical and Telecommunication Sectors, ATA have supplied various equipments to the Agricultural and Educational Sector in Yemen.

The degree of our success in the tender division is measured by the following components:
-  The latitude of our P.R. proximity with the concerned official
-  The range of our quality product
-  Price, competitiveness
-  The warranty and maintenance services package we provide.


Our Products:
Tender (Electrical) Division, has supplied materials to the Government (through tenders) from all over the world ranging from European and American states, (the importation of items, e.g. insulators, transformers, protection equipment) and lately we are exploring the Fareast and Asian markets to source out suppliers and manufacturer of cable, conductors and OHL hardware.

In this regard, ATA has been extremely successful and has grown to become one of the major providers to the Public Electricity Corporation – PEC Yemen (the main organization dealing with all Government, World Bank and other similar tender enquiries).