Technical Division for Vocational Tools & Equipment

Technical Division for Vocational Tools & Equipment


Asharq for Trade & Agencies (ATA) is a part of the reputed Asharq Group of Companies, which has become a well established company in Yemen. 

 Asharq scientific Labs. (ATAS) is a division of Didactic Equipments    and its part  which  supplies didactic equipments ,educational engineering,   scientific Labs., and vocational training Equipments  For our costumers

With its core capability in Pharmaceuticals, later expanding into other fields such as the Oil , Electricity and  international tenders  to become one of the most active  supplier in didactic equipments  field ;moreover,  one of the most   trading houses in Yemen.  

Now, with its restructuring of the organization, most of the group companies have become separate entities on their own, and are in the process of independently developing their market base and
target.   Our vision of expansion has developed out a sense of confidence, ambition and vast experiences. 

 Confidence, that it can satisfy itspresent customer base on its own and ambition to become one of the foremost business entities in this part of the Middle East. 

Engineering Lab & Technical Training Equipment for Universities, Colleges & Technical Institutes, Customized Pilot Scale Systems for Research & Development
-TurnKey Projects Technical Education.  
-Educational Trainers Systems.
-Didactic Teaching Equipments.
-Technical and Vocational Education
-Higher Technical Education
-complete didactic equipment for physics, chemistry, biology

The Technical Division in Asharq for Trade & Agencies (ATA) always looks for the BEST Product with the BEST Price.  So we have a good connection with companies from all over the world in order to choose the BEST products to fulfill the requirement of our clients as Technical Schools and Universities, Factories and Workshops by supplying wide range of Tools and Equipment and related service offered as follows:

-Supplying Tools and Equipment
-Installation and commissioning of all equipment and machinery
-Maintenance and Training
-Spare parts

Field of Activities:

-Automotive Products:
We have supplied the Automotive Tools and Equipments to the Workshops and Vocational Educational institutions from the reputed manufacture’s and suppliers from Europe, USA and Far East. We have dedicated team for sales, service and installation of automotive shop equipment. Our honesty and integrity have earned us a large customer base with many repeat customers, from small repair shops to large car dealerships

-Carpentry Workshop Equipments:
We supply Carpentry workshop tools and equipments to our clients in Yemen from the well known manufacturers with all the local assistance for our end users even after the purchase of the equipment through our company. We have very good client base in Yemen who use Carpentry workshop equipments and tools and they are very happy with our assistance for them. We also keep very good business relationship with the manufacturers and suppliers and we could expand their business in Yemen market.

-Electrical  Workshop Equipments:
We also supply Electrical Tools and Equipments to the Workshops and Training Institutes. We provide the quality products with best prices from the reputed manufacturers. We are in a position to supply according the needs by the clients from single equipment to the bulk requirements.