Telecommunication Division

Telecommunication Division

ATA has a well developed Telecom and IT division. ATA is the official agent of      Networks in Yemen which is headquartered in Ottawa Canada.

MITEL Networks Corporation  is a leading global provider of enterprise and small business communications solutions and services. The company focuses on blending powerful infrastructure, with an intuitive human interface to deliver the benefits of voice, video and data convergence to the user.

ATA recognizes the client needs and provides the latest solution in the ever-growing telecommunication industry. We provide leading edge, high quality solutions to our clients which meets their specifications, delivered on time and at a competitive price.

MITEL’s broad portfolio of solutions provide advanced voice, video and data communications platforms, desktop phones and Internet appliances, intuitive application for customer relationship management and mobility, messaging and multimedia collaboration.
Building on a foundation of success in enterprise communications, the company now focuses its efforts on Internet Protocol (IP) and the benefits, it enables through the convergence of voice, video and date over a single broadband network. These new IP-based communications platforms are designed to allow customers of all sizes to seamlessly implement and/or migrate, in an evolutionary manner, without sacrificing any of the features or functionality of traditional Private Branch Exchange (“PBX”) and Key Telephone System (“KTS”).

Through the best-in-class strategic relationships MITEL can offer businesses the choices and flexibility of an end-to-end converged Local Area Network or seamless interoperability with any existing infrastructure.
Because of the co-ordination with MITEL, ATA is capable for the supply and installation of all types of Telecom and IT equipments. For providing better services to our clients, ATA has a well developed team of skilled Telecom Engineer’s and also this team consists of a professional sales team for the promotion of the business.

Related IT Services:

- Telecommunication Division Project Management
- Turnkey Solutions
- System Analysis
- Programming
- Customization

- Conversion
- Disaster Recovery
- Communications & Networking
- Education & Training
- System Implementation & Integration




Silverlake Integrated Banking System


he Silverlake Integrated Banking System was designed and built by a tem of authors in the United States of America who were senior executives, sharing between them more than 100 years of practical experience and knowledge.  Today the original authors continue to support the system through Silverlake’s US Research Laboratory.

SIBS is recognized by renown international organization and customers as a system that is capable of processing very large customer and account base over a complex environment as can be seen in the benchmark test results and the award received.

Silverlake received the “Star Stream Award” from IBM at the 1997 IBM AS/400 Summit in recognition of Silverlake having “the worlds most advanced and complete implementation of retail banking an financial solutions” on the AS/400 server platform.
SIB has come along way since then as shown by the tremendous customer and product growth.

Silverlake Integrated Banking System Services:
-   Software Developer
-   US R&D on Technology
-   Asian Product Development & Innovations
-   System Integrator
-   Full Implementation Services of Solution
-   Full Implementation Services of Solution
-   Conversion & Migration Services